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“PAISLEY-CALEIDOSCOPIO” 28×40 cm Transferable Print


Wonderful transferable image to apply thanks to our “Magic Liquid” transfer, to decorate and enrich your restyling with Paisley style.

Elegant blue and ochre oriental designs, perfect to enhance your restorations and add a touch of sophistication to your home.

It can be used on surfaces or furniture in any area of the house.

The image colours are emphasized to allow a sharper transfer, so the final result of the transfer will be slightly lighter than what you see on the paper.

For the best transfer result, we recommend a white background, preferably “Soffio”.

EAN: 8055267488810 SKU: P-4 / CAS 17
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“PAISLEY-CALEIDOSCOPIO” 28×40 cm Transferable Print

Thanks to our “Magic Liquid”, you are now able to easily transfer our beautiful images!

The design can be transferred onto all surfaces, previously painted with Magic Paint and also onto fabrics!

1- Apply at least 2 coats of paint and make sure the surface is perfectly dry.

2- Carefully smooth the surface with a fine abrasive sponge, sanding both towards and against the brush strokes.

3- Remove dust with a damp microfibre cloth and wait until it has thoroughly dried.

4- Place the piece of paper with the graphics you want to transfer upside down with paper tape, which will not damage the surfaces.

5- With a small brush, dip into the transfer liquid.

6- It is essential to transfer small sections of the design at a time, so apply the liquid using the brush on small sections of the design.

7- Use your brush on the raised sheet, blow on the wet part to dry it slightly in order not to leave a patch of colour.

8- After this, you can manually transfer the design, rubbing with the back of a teaspoon and pressing on the wet part of the transfer.

9- Go on this way until the end of the paper, moistening small parts at a time, keeping the sheet raised, blowing and transferring small amounts of drawing.

10- Do not lift the sheet until the work is complete, or you could risk moving it slightly and ruining the final work.

11- When completely dry, protect the drawing and the paint with wax or protective.


28×40 cm



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